How a Realtor Can Help Find You a House in a Seller’s Market

Real Estate Charleston SCThe term seller’s market simply means that there is a lack of available properties on the market, so many times one house will have several full price offers within minutes of it going on the market. Not only do these houses wind up in bidding wars, the availability of new properties is few and far between. Premier One Real Estate tells us how a skilled local Charleston SC real estate agent could help you to secure the house of your dreams before another potential buyer gets an offer in that is accepted.

When you are working with a real estate agent who lives and breathes everything realty, they have the ability to get a jump on the new listings that come to the real estate market. These agents are online before the sun comes up to see what new properties were listed today, and can get you to see the house before the other buyers are even out of bed. The ability to get in those properties early puts you in the best position to get your offer in first and stay on the mind of the seller.

One of the most important things about working with the right real estate agent is their ability to communicate with the seller and the seller’s realtor. When you are working with a realtor who does this full time, they have developed many professional relationships with other realtors and can usually get favorable treatment if they happen to be selling a property you are interested in. Your realtor also knows how important it is to make an offer that does not insult the seller.

Your realtor has many connections in the realty world, from real estate lawyers, home inspectors, realtors, to financial lenders. Once the offer has been made and accepted, you want to move the process along quickly or the seller may cancel the contract and go with a buyer who has their paperwork in order. Your real estate agent will line up inspections, ensure all the financials are in order, and help get the closing on the books as soon as possible.

During the entire buying process, your real estate agent is going to keep you and the seller informed of everything so that they are assured this is going to be a smooth transaction and have no reason to be concerned of not meeting the deadline for the closing. Your realtor is a very valuable part of the process that can help you get the house of your dreams, even in a seller’s market.